Portable Sheds

Do you need very reasonable priced, simple and easy to assemble storage buildings that lasts a lifetime? Check out our all steel portable sheds. Great cold storage solutions for your cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, campers, and all your personal storage needs. These are very universal as they can be placed directly on the ground, or on a cement foundation or wood floor!

Our available widths are 12’, 15’, and 18’. Our lengths can go up in 4’ increments to your desired length. Wall heights are available in 7’, 8’6", and 10’.

These are a open truss concept meaning you can usually put a garage door in the end wall that is just as high or even higher than what the wall height is. Example: a 15’x24’x7’ shed fits a 9x7 garage door.

Keep in mind 80% of these sheds get sold as do-it-yourself (DIY) KITS with step by step assembly instructions (minimal tools required) to make assembly very simple and to also SAVE you piles of money on labour! However, we do still offer on-site assembly and delivery. *Stamped engineered plans are available for building permits!*

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